Rogers Place Construction – Timelapse Video

Here is a short timelapse video that I created to highlight the work of the women and men involved in the construction of the impressive Rogers Place building in Edmonton. While attending a hockey game or concert in the recently opened arena, one … Continued

My Journey From Lightroom to Capture One Pro – Organizing Photos

If you had told me in January of last year that I would leave my comfortable 6 year-old routine in Lightroom for Capture One Pro, I would have called you crazy! Let’s face it, for all of us, change is … Continued

New Blog!

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Along with the brand new website, here is my new Blog! Here I will be sharing photos and stories that can’t be summarized in just one image and a few words as I do on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Hopefully I will … Continued

TON Magazine – Industrial Photography

Finally my first blog post of 2016! It seems pretty obvious that I have been putting more effort in my Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages these past months than in this blog. So let’s make it part of my new … Continued

Edmonton Chefs – Commercial Photography

Let’s be honest: I love food. All kinds of food! Growing up in France I was lucky enough to have parents that shared with me their taste for fresh products and healthy food. Cooking with my mother and sisters or going to … Continued

RSVP Design Inc – Commercial Photography

I just realized that it has been almost a month since I posted anything on this blog. The reason for that is that the past weeks have been very busy and it is generally faster to post an image on … Continued