New Cambridge Lofts Elevators – Architectural Interiors

I recently had the opportunity to go back to the vibrant New Cambridge Lofts on Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton. A few months ago I was commissioned by ClarkBuilders SPD to photograph the newly renovated lobby areas. The designer of the project, Sherri Shorten from Sims & Shorten Architects, contacted me this time to photograph the colourful elevator interiors.

This turned out to be a technically challenging project. Not only are elevators tight spaces to work with but one of the elevator interiors photographed that day was made of reflective glass panels and the other one of stainless steel panels from floor to ceiling! Reflective surfaces are always tricky to work with as they¬†don’t absorb any light; they simply reflect the light that is bounced off their environment. Note that it is also important to keep some of the reflections on the surface to preserve the inherent shininess of the material.

In this case after a short period of head-scratching I decided to block the light sources in the lobby area to gain better control over the reflections and the overall colour balance in the elevator. Simple but efficient. Here are a couple of images captured that day:

Elevators, New Cambridge Lofts, Edmonton
Elevators in New Cambridge Lofts, Edmonton, Alberta

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