Rogers Place Construction – Timelapse Video

Here is a short timelapse video that I created to highlight the work of the women and men involved in the construction of the impressive Rogers Place building in Edmonton. While attending a hockey game or concert in the recently opened arena, one may easily forget how much work was involved in the construction of this magnificent edifice. This video is a combination of several timelapse sequences shot in a few hours on a single day and showcases the scale of the project. I find particularly astounding how much happened in the few hours I spent on site! So this video is my way of saying “thank you” to all the parties involved for their outstanding team work that allowed them to achieve with great success such a colossal project.

FOR BEST RESULTS, WATCH IT IN HD! (Size limited to 900 px)

Shot at full resolution on Nikon D800E, eMotimo motion control device and Rhino slider.

A day in the construction of Rogers Place – Ice District – Edmonton, Alberta © Christophe Benard Photography

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